Selected writing

Essays & Features

Teens are rewriting what is possible in the world of competitive Tetris – Polygon

Are You a Boy? Or Are You a Girl? (about gender play in video games) – Catapult

How to Live Under Capitalism, According to ‘Stardew Valley’ – Catapult

How My Depression Ruined ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ – Catapult

Hollywood’s Golden Age of Racism (about actor Sessue Hayakawa’s career) – Sojourners (print issue, February 2020)

Unlearning the Whiteness of Academic Art History – Catapult

Reviews & Criticism

The Game Show That Parodies Your To-Do List (criticism on Taskmaster) – The Atlantic

Asian Men Needed a Movie Like ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ – Slate

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ purports to be post-racial — but it’s not – Polygon

Live A Live’s characters can’t hold the weight of its time-hopping story – Polygon

Portrait of an Economy on Fire (review of Portrait of a Lady on Fire) – Sojourners (column in print issue, July 2020)

‘Parasite’ Highlights the Darkness of Wealth and Colonialism – Sojourners (column in print issue, March 2020)

Don’t Tell Her (review of The Farewell) – Sojourners (column in print issue, January 2020)

Mitski Doesn’t Owe Us Anything – Sojourners (column in print issue, November 2019)

Respecting the Spirituality Behind Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up’ – Sojourners

Asian Representation Needs Both ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Sorry to Bother You’ – Sojourners


‘The Proof that is Your Life’ (interview with Cathy Park Hong on Minor Feelings) – Hyphen Magazine

Kristin Kobes Du Mez: Toxic masculinity in evangelical culture is crucial to Trump’s success – Faith & Leadership

Ross Murray: LGBTQ youth deserve safe spaces to discover who they are – Faith & Leadership

Kelly Brown Douglas: After the election, faith leaders must fill the vacuum of moral leadership – Faith & Leadership

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: Reclaiming public faith from the religious right – Faith & Leadership

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